1. Can I find a candidate to refer in my company?
Yes, you can search candidates and get their contact details, download resume with paying credit points.

2. Can I find a Job opening?
Yes, YOu can Find a job opening and send message/apply for it. If your profile impresses the recruiter or the internal employee for referral, they will contact you.
3. If I refer candidates to/from ShareMyResume, will ShareMyResume pay me any bonus or money?
No. If you have any referral bonus scheme at you current employer, you can get it from them (based on their own policies). You do not get any money from www.sharemyresume.in
4. Will I get any refund if the provided contact details are invalid ?
There is no refund for any service at www.sharemyresume.in, please go through the profile carefully before paying credits for any service.
5. Who can see my details?
Anyone who has any opening at their company or any recruiter can pay and view your contact details.
6. Can I hide my phone number from showing to anyone else?
Yes you can hide your phone number details to show anyone else than you.
7. Can I hide my email id from showing to anyone else?
No, you can hide your email id to show anyone, if they wish to pay and contact you regarding any opening.
8. Can I recharge my credits once I use them all?
Yes, Please go to My account and Click at 'Recharge Now' link at your dashboard.
9. What happens when I am unhappy with the service I paid for?
You can request for the refund at our online form in the website.
10. Will I get refund to my bank account/ Credit card for any approved refund ?
No, All refunds will reflect only on your ShareMyResume credits. You can check these at your My Account page.